SISTA, SISTA / by Elizabeth Leese

Besides the obvious groom and family, I am taking a couple of special people with me to Ireland. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my bridesmaids.

We despised each other for 75% of our childhood. It has been a rivalry since she tried to sell me to her friend in Kindergarten. While I was playing with Barbies and cutting up my clothes, she was playing with horses and tending to her menagerie of birds, hamsters, cats, and cows. Among our classic home videos, my favorite will always be at the Grand Canyon when she's spouting off facts and shoving me as I roll my eyes and mock her. Time has been good to us- in more ways than one- we grew into our noses and grew a better friendship as we realized we’re cut from the same mold. Now, we get together for no good reason other than to watch documentaries and talk about how much we're turning into mom. This is my sister and Maid of Honor, Laura Nance.

Next to Laura, stifling happy hands and giggles will be Nico. Nicholo. Topo-Nico. Nicoon. This is my person. My bridesmaid [of honor]. God is so good, and I continually see that through this friendship. The Lord knew my wallflower and sloth-like personality needed a high-kicking flamingo of a person to sing me Good Mornin’ and quote Princess Diaries in every life situation. On the plane to Ireland, I will have Hunter on one side and Nicole on the other and it will most likely be that way forever since we plan on her living in the pool house. 

It is disappointing I won't have my childhood best friend or all my cousins in Ireland, but the beauty is that every part of my wedding will be intentional. It's a wedding, not the super bowl and I get to do it with my nearest and dearest people!