SNIP, SNIP / by Elizabeth Leese

Checking off my first official wedding dress fitting!

The process of pattern making and sewing muslins has been a tiring one to say the least. It has taken 6 months of off and on work to fit my wedding dress. I am very fortunate to be working for a high-end fashion designer in the custom bridal department, so with resources at my fingertips I was able to drive my giant muslin to Dallas to have my sweet coworkers help perfect the fit. 

Recently I had the opportunity to get my hands on the wedding dress of a client who was using their grandmother's lace that was over 70 years old. It was falling apart to the touch, but once we took apart all the seams we were able to piece it back together in a completely seamless manner. In case you need a window into how amazing of a venture this was, it felt like we were restoring the Declaration of Independence! After learning this seamless lace technique I began doing some detective work on my mother's lace wedding dress. Because her lace was starting to show some aging and not all of it was usable, I needed to find a similar lace to pair it with. I eventually found that French Alençon lace would blend in brilliantly with my mothers and then I would be able to piece the laces together as one. And just to add- its not a quick technique.

I have 50 something days to pull this off.

Start the clock.