πŸ’­πŸ’­ This sample looks nothing like what I found on Pinterest... oh and you're out of my size? Right. Of course. And this one only comes in ivory? Awesome. Looks like I'm not getting married.

I know the hassle and I'm here to put the magic back into finding your dream dress.

Since September, I have been the proud owner of a custom bridal design label bearing my name and modern touch. I will never be the person that shrugs and says, "I can't believe it" because it's all I've been working toward since I came to realize that sewing was kinda my thing. 

A few days after my wedding and into my honeymoon adventure I was jolted by the news that a coworker of mine was quitting. I looked at Hunter and told him I was too. I didn't plan for it, I didn't know if I was ready, all I kept telling myself was that I couldn't get ahead until I got started. Now is a good time to mention that a consistent paycheck is a wonderful thing and very missed when it's gone. But despite all the things telling me why quitting my job--my very nice job-- at 22 as a newlywed was a bad idea, there were still so many reasons that pulled through in the end.

The business world is just like school where one minute you're a senior and the next you're a freshman again. In my case, I was working as the head of the Atelier department for the Dallas designer Nha Khanh. I went from being a designer's assistant flitting from appointment to appointment and hand sewing magical french laces to the bottom of the ladder. But I hit the ground running; I immediately started working and reworking a logo and budgeting every minute of my day to ensure I made enough to cover studio rent. I have since sacrificed every beauty routine besides my hair and funnel it all towards building my brand. I skip lunch more and use scotch tape as bandaids, but let's face it, no good story is without some hardships. 

So, you ask me, why bridal? In high school I was fed up with tennis so I thought trying hurdles would be my next mountain. I failed miserably but came out with a pretty good laugh at myself. The fact was, I wasn't afraid to try and I didn't feel like I was learning anything unless I was challenged. When I looked at fashion design, I saw bridal as the ultimate challenge. The color white alone is a headache for most, not to mention hand beading and tacking lace. But my reasoning doesn't stop at the test on my skill. I love working with the happiest people on earth. No one glows more than a bride, and I swoon at the thought that I get to be a part of the best day of their life. I get to cut out the heartache of never finding the perfect dress off the rack and bring a bride's dreams to life. In a world where you can customize everything from your car to lip color, it only makes sense that on the best day of their life a bride can wear exactly what she had dreamed of. And now, if it's starting to sound like I'm your wedding Fairy Godmother then I'm doing my job. *insert wand waves and glitter here*

Are you an Elizabeth Leese bride?

If you're a bride sitting in a heap of fluffy white fabric with absolutely nothing to wear, then this is for you. This is also for the conscious bride who wants to know that she is supporting a U.S. and hand made creation. Let's not forget to mention the modern woman with eye for minimal and romantic designs. The girl in love. That's my customer. You bring the ideas, I bring my know-how, and together we will create the dress of your dreams. 

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