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2018 BRIDAL TREND: HOW TO STYLE BLACK by Elizabeth Leese

There’s no color pair that stands the test of time like black and white, so it's no wonder it's showing up in bridal. It’s new. It’s edgy. And long overdue. Here are the best ways to work black into your wedding look.

SOLID BLACK- Black uniform girls, you know who you are. Even a life event or national holiday can’t keep you from wearing black. It doesn’t have to stop with the dress. This spring, designer Reem Acra partnered with Tiffany & Co and debuted a bridal collection that pulled inspiration from Breakfast at Tiffany's, "little black dress". Cosmopolitan is calling the Acra show that opened with 12 black bridal gowns the start of this unexpected trend. Despite what you may think about tradition, brides have only been wearing white for less than 180 years; before Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in white, women got married in every color, including black. Although many will think of it as a color of mourning, what can stop a bride from being entirely elegant, modern, and mysterious in black? Besides, fashion's new rule is: there are no rules. 

STYLING- Greenery, greenery, greenery. This will help soften the boldness of a black dress and put it in a bridal context. Because you may not want your wedding to look like a funeral procession, contrasting and complimenting colors can be pulled into invitations, bridesmaids, table settings, etc. Solid black can get flat as a color, so play and pair textures like velvet and silk or satin and sparkles. See Style Me Pretty for this moody bride in black velvet pictured left.

BLACK ACCENTS- A subtler way to bring this trend into your wedding look is through pairing black accessories with your white dress. Art Deco themed weddings seem to have the black and white trend down, but even without a defined wedding theme, working black into the color scheme is as easy as selecting your favorite black details. With black accents, it's just enough of a contrast to add sophistication without completely shocking your family.

STYLING- Cohesiveness in your wedding comes mostly from color palette, so try pulling black accents into not just your accessories, but your bridesmaids, invitations, and table settings. For the bouquet, anemones paired with other white flowers and black velvet ribbon will compliment both your white dress and bridesmaids in black. With white and black being a stark palette, pulling light floral colors into your bouquet is an effortless way to soften the contrast. As for those staple black accents, here are our top picks: